Thursday, 19 June 2014

Saint Tony the Peacemaker

Tony Blair, peace envoy? This is the man that led the UK into two illegal wars in Iraq and Afghanistan - remember the weapons of mass destruction and dodgy, sexed up dossiers? - just so he could suck up to his buddy Wubya.

This is the man who is directly responsible for sending hundreds of British servicemen to an unnecessary death.

This is man who says that Saddam might have been a bastard but at least kept the Sunni and Shiite from murdering each other.

This is the man who preached regime change in Iraq whilst sucking up to Gaddafi in Libya.

And after all these monstrous two faced fuck ups, what happens to him? They make him a UN Middle East Peace Envoy FFS!

This two faced, sanctimonious twat with a God complex is now telling us that it is unthinkable that we do not send more troops into Syria and Iraq. This is, of course, the Iraq that is now disintegrating in flames as a direct result of his interference in the first place. It's disintegrating because he and his little draft dodging American friend went ploughing in all guns blazing without even the remotest idea of an exit strategy.

ISIS is overrunning Iraq because the Americans and the Brits buggered off home leaving the Iraqi security forces woefully undertrained and ill prepared. But never mind - at least old Wubya finished off the job his father fucked up the first time around. So that 's OK then!

Is it any wonder that all the sacked military personnel from Saddam's forces have either joined the other side or stepped aside while ISIS advances? The west treated them like shit. Do they feel bitter? I would have thought so.

If Blair wants to know why Cameron is ruling out intervention in Iraq now and why he refused to intervene in Syria, then he needs to look in the mirror. Well done, Blair - you pissed the British public off so much that they no longer have any faith in politicians of any shade to tell them the truth when it comes to issues like this. Too many have died for the sake of your ego and your duplicity.

Peace envoy? That's obscene! 

Or maybe his Tonyness just thinks that there's just nothing as peaceful as a dead Arab?


  1. Blessed be the cheese makers....

  2. Tony Blair would be a candidate for the Nobel Peace Prize only he hasn't killed enough people.

  3. When is a sunni a moderate?

    When he's out of ammo.


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