Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Totally out of touch

This is David Willetts, Minister of State for Universities and Science and, in my own humble opinion, a complete and utter cunt.

Willetts thinks that people in their 60s should go back to university to retrain because they will be expected to work for years longer before retirement. He thinks that older people who do this will be more employable and valued by their employers. He's living in complete cloud cuckoo land.

Firstly, having worked for 40 odd years, are we not entitled to take our hard earned cash and settle down to a bit of R&R in our twilight years? Apparently not, because having made provision for our retirement, the government has slashed interest rates to the point where we've fuck all left to live on.

Secondly, has Mr Willetts not noticed that companies these days are being run by hungry young twenty and thirty somethings working hard for their first burn out? Ageism might be illegal, but you try getting one of these little bastards to offer a job to an old fart. Let's face it, the old fart can do their job better than them and they know it.

Thirdly, having become an expert at what I do because of the many years experience I have gathered, why would I want to retrain to do something entirely different in which I have no experience at all. Would this not make me less employable rather than more employable?

Fourthly, he wants us to 'go back' to university. Does he not realise that many of us never went to university in the first place. Just because this silver spooned toffee nosed Tory twit got himself a degree, why does he assume that we all got one?

And then there's the question of tuition fees. You remember them Mr willetts? After all your government increased them.

As Dot Gibson, general secretary of the National Pensioners Convention, told the Telegraph: "Older workers still face the barrier of age discrimination. It's difficult to see how building up a debt of nearly £30,000 in university fees is going to help them get a job."

Let's face it - it's not much of an investment at our age is it?


  1. So that's work till 65, then 3 years at Uni oops no 4 had to redo the last year, no council tax, all fees paid as am only on state pension, just who is going to employ the 70 old newbie, never mind pay to insure me whilst I work? Then only pay some back if I get over 21 grand.

    Only thing is the bstards will probably nick me house when I'm away! Talking of houses that's probably what they will do for the fees, nick if off your kids.

  2. I agree, anon.

    Basically it's a con. If you go to Uni then you're not claiming a pension - although by then you probably won't be getting one until you're 70 anyway - and you not on the unemployment list.

    Labour tried something similar the other end of the scale by convincing school leavers to stay on for further education, it made the unemployment stats look good. At least it did until 3/4 years later when they ended up with a load of unemployed graduates and the ripple effect caught up and made the figures look even worse. But that was OK because by then they knew they were going to loses the next election anyway!

  3. I have a dark suspicion that this pillock is actually practising to be a stand up comic.

    When somebody (please anybody!) realises he hasn't got a ****ing clue perhaps he can seamlessly warp into his new role.

    The trouble is.... he isn't funny either.

  4. Here in South Africa, education standards are taking a dip anyway. For instance, a medical student can pass a subject by scoring a mere 50% Scary thought to say the least... Other "students" achieve a business degree and now expect to walk into a top management position. The lack of experience is sickeningly apparent as they refuse to acknowledge that the theories they tried to understand whilst studying, are seldom applicable in real life.

    The company I work for employ youngsters simply because they can pay them less. And when they leave for a higher salary, they employ another at the original salary scale, thus actually saving money... How is that possible? Because somewhere there is always an older fart that will fix things when they (inevitably) go wrong...

    There - I said it :-)

  5. I agree, Billo. He's not funny - although he is sort of funny looking.

    I just wonder at what stage this government is going to wake up to the fact that it's the grey generation that does the voting and stops taking the piss out of us. I'm voting UKIP next time and fuck 'em all.

  6. Anon, good to know that things over there are just as bad as over here!!

    My Dad was a Woolworth director (Yeh I have been to SA and now that Woolies there is not the same as the one we use to have here but back in the 60s it was a major high street retailer to be reckoned with.)

    In his day, everyone in the company started with the same job - stockroom lugging boxes for the boys, sales assistant for the girls. They worked their way up through the company and knew it from the bottom up. No exceptions.

    He reckoned that the shit started to hit the fan when they started bringing people in from outside. He also reckoned that they avoided bringing in graduates because it took three to four years to untrain them.

    Seems nothing much changes...

  7. Wise words Sir. Why should I consider a second career in my 60’s after working productively for 40 years- I deserve my time in the sun. As for going back to university: fuck off. How many of us in our 60’s will have the mental capacity for higher study? Anyway, I already have 2 university degrees and higher professional qualifications and have no ambition to study anymore. Again he can fuck off. In my 60’s I want to be sitting on a sun drenched beach sipping an ice cold beer perving at bathing beauties. This is only fair after working hard all my life. The idiot who proposed this is a total cunt and should receive a prolonged and severe kicking.


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