Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Jihad Seeker's Allowance

Can someone please explain to me why we are so pathetically weak in this country as to allow this fucker to continue to walk the streets spitting hate?

Anjem Choudray - one of my front runners for the 'Cunt of the Century' award - is now running around telling his followers 'People will say, Ah, but you are not working. But the normal situation is for you to take money from the kuffar (non-Muslim). So we take Jihadseeker's Allowance. You need to get support.'

'We are going to take England — the Muslims are coming. Brussels is 30 per cent, 40 per cent Muslim and Amsterdam. Bradford is 17 per cent Muslim. These people are like a tsunami going across Europe. And over here we're just relaxing, taking over Bradford brother. The reality is changing.'

Choudary — twice banned from running organisations under the Terrorism Act — said some revered Islamic figures had only ever worked one or two days a year, adding: 'The rest of the year they were busy with jihad (holy war) and things like that.'

What gets me is that a man who advocates the overthrow of democracy and urges people to murder Cameron and Obama is allowed to go unchallenged when he is clearly inciting murder and religious hatred. Last time I looked these were crimes.

And just to add insult to injury, we're paying him around £25,000 a year in benefits to allow him to do it.

Lock the fucker up and throw away the key. It's self financing.

And then maybe we will not continue to be the laughing stock of the world...


  1. I agree - lock him up and throw the key away - but let him knock Cameron and Obama off first.

  2. You're missing his point - he doesn't want to kill people : he want to get YOU to kill people!

  3. There surely can not be a more hateful cunt in existence?

    It is utterly incomprehensible how 'Andy' is still walking our streets, filching our money and stealing our oxygen.

    I lay the blame squarely on the heads of Tony Blair and his bunch of dimwitted 'progressive' multi-kulti leftards. Between him and Brown, the worst prime monster in our history, and ably assisted by Cameron the Cock and Nick the Dick, this country has become the whore of the Western world. We welcome any old scum into our fold just to have them fuck us over at will, the only difference being that we actually pay them to do it.

    What a total fucking disaster this country has become.

  4. Totally agree, Humph. And just wait tip the Romanians start pouring in! What the fuck we are doing in the EU is utterly beyond me.

  5. So why is he not working for his dole in Poundland like all the other 'jobseekers'?


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