Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Internet censorship

I abhor censorship in all it's forms and believe passionately in free speech even if the person expressing their views says something I fundamentally disagree with.

It's fine. Just as long as he affords me the same privilege to express my views.

If you've used Streetlife, the local community networking site, then you might come to the conclusion that they don't agree?

A friend of mine has received the following from Streetlife :

Your message was designed to enrage, upset, bully or otherwise belittle users, or to inflame conversations. This is called trolling and will not be tolerated on streetlife. Further transgressions of this rule will result in your account being closed.

Seems that if you don't like the views expressed in a Streetlife conversation, then you can click a button to report it and the comment can be erased and the above warning issued.

I asked him what he had said to warrant this warning. Apparently, in response to a conversation about falling school standards, he expressed the view that some school teachers take the day off at the first sign of a snowflake.

Hardly inflammatory stuff I would have thought. Not exactly provocative. Couldn't be called subversive...could it?

Form your own opinions - but don't think about expressing them on Streetlife. They might not like it?


  1. Snowflake?
    An allegedly racist term for someone with white skin if used by a black or brown skinned person.

    Used to be well publicised in the much missed Love Thy Neighbour back I cannot remember when...

  2. As I understand it a Troll is a commenter who repeatedly and continuously posts comments that are either off-topic, abusive, repetitive or designed to subvert the blog due to their sheer quantity.

    If one contentious comment constitutes trolling then we are all in trouble!

    If they don't want any criticism they should be honest about it and turn commenting off.


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