Monday, 11 February 2013

I'm back...

...and yes, thank you, Africa was very nice.

I understand that whilst I was sunning myself on the terrace of my luxury suite, the horsemeat scandal has been galloping along nicely. Of course, in Africa this is not a problem because there are very few cows and even fewer horses - which means that should horse be used as substitute for beef it would, in fact, be more expensive.

I was fascinated to see the Secretary of State for the Environment pontificating on the BBC and laying the blame at the feet of the retailers and producers. I was somewhat surprised at this because in my simple understanding of the law, if the manufacturer states that a product is this that and the other then the retailer would be entitled to take this as a contractual statement of fact.

Perhaps the real problem is that anyone is to blame as long as it's not the government - so nothing new there then!

On the same vain, I hear that the Prime Monster is claiming a victory by a neck in the EU budget stakes. The deal is that the budget will be frozen and then not increase for a few years.

Almost true - because thanks 'to the previous administration' our rebate will continue to reduce meaning, therefore, that every EU country will pay less except us. We'll be paying more. But this is apparently a victory because will we won't paying as much more as would have been if Cameron wasn't so wonderful.

Typical political doublespeak. It's great to be back.


  1. Personally I don't mind horse. I don't even worry that much about it being mislabelled as beef. What really worries me is that if these shysters are willing palm us off horse meat as beef I would suspect that thousands of condemned beef carcasses have gone through the mincer as well. You know, the stuff unfit for pet-meat let alone human consumption. It all looks the same after the mincers's had it.

    If the regulation is so lax that they can get away (for years?) with passing off the WRONG species as beef there is absolutely no possibility that anyone would have picked up condemned meat from the RIGHT species going into the food chain.

    Dobbin burgers are really the least of it.
    p.s. glad you had (another!) great holiday Dioclese.
    p.p.s I'm running low on Metaxa. Is Diesel a viable substitute?

  2. Afraid the next trip is to Prague, Berlin and all river stations in between - but don't despair because I'll be topping up the Metaxa in June!

    In the meantime, Billo, I understand meths is quite palatable - but make sure you get a cold one..


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