Sunday, 27 January 2013

When did teachers become so dumb?

Take a good look at the picture. This is Peter Thompson with his six year old son Eddie.

Eddie goes to Estfeld Primary in Tickhill, near Doncaster. For the last 6 months he has been wearing a Christian band with the St Peter's symbol of the fish on it. He wears it because he wants to feel that God is with him.

Well, I thinks that's bollocks but he's entitled to his opinion and he's not doing any harm.

But the head teacher, Diane Risley, disagrees and has banned him from wearing it. Not on the grounds of it being a religious symbol but because it offends that other great God - health and safety.

This is clearly nonsense. It's made more of a nonsense when you take into account that Eddie wears the band around his ankle, underneath his sock. He only got found out because a teacher spotted him scratching it one day.

And it gets worse because back in the summer the school was raising money by selling - eerrrrr! - charity bands.

I worry for the future of our children when they are being taught by people so stupid.


  1. It can only get worse. The next generation of teachers are at school now...

  2. Excellent point, LI. We're doomed!

  3. Ignoble Caledonian.16 February 2013 at 12:05

    He should just wear it anyway. The worst they can do is ban him from the school,in which case another school will need to take him anyway. The head teacher is clearly a stupid woman, and will have lost any respect from other parents or even the other young pupils in her school. Makes you wonder how do individuals with such poor judgement ever become head teachers in the first place.

  4. Bunny

    I was reading a report about an American psychologist (I agree that is enough to put an sane individual off, his theory is that there are high level psychopaths who appear to be fully functioning people but are completely lacking in logic and empathy. What these individuals crave is attention and recognition. His thesis was that these people end up in academia or government where by and large the failings aren't exposed but the kudos is great. From Mr Caledonian's comment I think this is one such instance.

  5. I can certainly remember one or two psychopaths at my prep school way back when. One was also a sadistic little bastard to boot!


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