Tuesday, 22 January 2013

The beardie wierdie's just arrived

What I love best about BBC's Question Time is when you get to watch an out of touch academic getting savaged by a hypocrite. And that's what we got last week...

The academic in question was Dr Mary Beard - pictured above - who saw fit to pontificate on the imminent arrival on our shores of thousands of Bulgarians and Romanians. Dr Beard made reference to a report published by Boston Borough Council in glowing terms.

"The most impressive single document I've read on this issue comes from Boston council and it's the task and finishing group report about the population change in Lincolnshire," she said. "It answers the question about public services and looks very carefully about the changes in Boston over the last ten years. It does identify particular management issues with an influx of any kind of population, but what it makes absolutely clear is that we can cope with this and benefit from it."

Enter Mary Bull from the audience. She told the panel, which was sitting in Lincoln: "I have a business in Boston, I have family that live in Boston and we’ve got land at Boston and we’ve had major issues with workers who’ve got nowhere to go, camping on our land and we can’t move them off because the police aren’t interested. Boston is at breaking point. All the locals can’t cope any more – the services, doctors’ surgeries, hospitals.

"I have a family member that’s a midwife at Boston Pilgrim Hospital. The facilities are at breaking point because of these people coming into the country and nothing is being done. You go down to Boston High Street and it’s just like you’re in a foreign country. And it’s got to stop."

So, a slight difference of opinion here between an Oxford academic and someone who lives on the patch?

Mrs Bull claims that Dr Beard knows nothing about what's happening on the ground in Boston and that we will be completely overwhelmed by the new wave of immigration. Well, I can see her point, but her argument might carry more weight if she still lived in Boston and if her grandfather hadn't emigrated from Poland?

Like I said, nothing better than watching a hypocrite savaging an out of touch academic...


  1. 1. The ladies name I believe is Rachel.
    2. Her grandfather may have been one of our WW2 allies.
    3. Would you stay in the area she described?
    4. Her voice was filled with genuine emotion and doesn't deserve to be called a hypocrite (in my view).

  2. 1. Not according to the Daily Mail but they could be wrong!
    2. Yes he was and good on him. He fought in the RAF - but nevertheless she's still descended from an immigrant
    3. No I wouldn't
    4. Not a rampant hypocrite, but a bit of one nevertheless. Times change, but if we followed what she is advocating, her granddad - and therefore she - would never have been here in the first place.


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