Monday, 28 January 2013

Like your style, mate!

Just once in a while, I see a story that says to me : "You're quite right, mate. Serves the buggers right!"

Such a case if that of Bryn Chittenden who is a terrier man for the local hunt in Essex. Bryn wanted to build a barn on his land in St Lawrence Bay to store agricultural machinery and feed so that his two daughters could use the field to keep their two horses.

Quite reasonable, you would think, given that this is in the countryside and it is agricultural land. But no. The local residents don't like the idea on little bit. Well, here's an aerial view of the site :

Bryn's field is outlined in red. The blue bit is where his neighbours live and they've gone out of their way to block every attempt he's made to get through planning. Three attempts to be precise. And if you look closely, you'll see that there are only nine house in that blue bit.

"The objections say that the people do not like horses being on the land, yet we are out in the countryside,” he said. “It's absolute madness. They have made my life hell and now I will sell it to travellers.

"I have had a couple of offers for the land already but some things in life are more important than money so I will end up taking less just for the satisfaction of watching travellers take over.

"Even if they offered me a million pounds I would not sell it to them. But if travellers offered me £100,000, it's all theirs."

My response to this? Well, I don't condone another Dale Farm but, frankly, if it happens then these people asked for it and deserve all they get.

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  1. I'd do the same, although he should sell his own house first becasue it won't be worth a penny afterwards.

    In fact, I have threatened that if I should win the lottery and can then buy my dream home (crumbling, with a moat, and a laboratory in a tower) I'd sell this house to travellers for one pound.

    If I ever happen to become accidentally wealthy, there are going to be a few faces drained of colour around here.

    Also, if I ever decide to move, all I have to do is start a rumour that I've won the lottery and there are likely to be some very generous offers for this house ;)


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