Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Rotten Boroughs : Long Melford

Tombola wars have broken out in the sleepy suffolk village of Long Melford.

Parish councillor, Richard Michette, was suspended following a spat with a man who had the audacity to criticise his wife's handling of the tombola draw during a council meeting...

The man claimed there was a mix up with the donated prizes. He reportedly shouted at Richard Roper, 67, to “shut your mouth”. He then went on to warn him he would be “hearing from my solicitor” before adding “one more word from you and I will thump you now.”

When Mr Roper used his address to take exception to an error over raffle and tombola prizes, Mr Michette, who has sat on the local authority for 30 years and runs Long Melford opticians alongside his wife, flew into a rage.

A subcommitte decided that Michette had brought the office of councillor and the parish council itself into disrepute and promptly suspended him. He commented "I lost my temper and - under severe provocation - called him a “little s**t”. Following the meeting I wrote to him and apologised and he accepted my apology.”

Mrs Michette defended her husband saying he was simply doing what anyone would have done had their partner been criticised in public.

Standards, dear boy. Standards!

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