Saturday, 3 March 2012

New Olympic sport announced

Coe and his cronies have just announced that a new Oympic sport is to be previewed at London 2012 for the first time : 'Find a cheap hotel room'...

Now admittedly this has never been easy in London at the best of times, but now the game is officially of truly Olympic proportions!

Amazed by the operation of a basic function of everyday economics called 'supply and demand', the Chief Executive of VisitBritain, Sandie Dawe, has been slagging off hotel operators for hiking their prices during the games. Rather naive I would say if I was being polite about it. Everybody knows that in times of high demand and limited supply prices tend to rocket.

On top of all this, Locock the games organisers have handed back 120,000 room nights that are "surplus to requirements" and originally booked for officials and sponsors. Do the math : divide 120,000 room nights by 4 weeks to be generous and that's one fuck of a lot of freeloaders being paid for out of our taxes!

Many hotels have trebled their prices for the duration of the Olympics as well as stipulating minimum stays and payments in advance. You can't blame them - and if Ms Dawe thinks that this is unrealistic then she's totally out of touch with reality.

As former U.S. Vice President, Spiro Agnew, once so succinctly put it "When you have them by the balls, then the head and the heart follow..."

My advice is simple. If you don't want to pay the price then don't come. I won't be there...


  1. Captain Haddock3 March 2012 at 11:57

    For one silly minute Dio ..

    I half expected to see that the 4 x 400 yds looting & arson medley ..

    Sponsored by Reebok, in association with JD Sports (other brands & shops are available) had been officially adopted by that knobber Coe & his mates .. ;)

    Besides which, since Barmy Boris cravenly surrendered to the Tube workers over extra wages, the Bus drivers now want some, as do the Taxi drivers ..

    You can hardly blame the Hoteliers for wanting a slice of the pie too ..

    There's not enough money in the entire UK which will tempt me to within 200 miles of any Olympic event ..

  2. Now I know I’m a simple soul (waits for shouts of ‘ you fucking said it, dozy old cunt’ to die down) but even now – over fifty years later – I still remember the words of my revered Uncle Len, “As long as you can look at yourself in the bathroom mirror in the morning without flinching son, you won’t go far wrong ...”. Over the years I’ve had bribes offered and turned them down, once said no to £50,000 over the odds to sell a house to a developer and disappoint a young couple who had already shaken my hand on the deal .... not saying I’m perfect by any means (once came v. close to killing an objectionable little squit because he wouldn’t turn his radio down at 03.30 hrs – not proud of that one) but I look at the twats in Unite, at the grasping little shites in the so-called hospitality industry, and know that somewhere, someone has looked at themselves in the mirror ... and had to look away. Greedy cunts.

  3. Caractacus, I heartily agree with everything you said except for the last bit. I don't believe that the little shits would bother to look away...


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