Wednesday, 22 February 2012

The Olympic legacy

Some people really get on my tits and Gabby Logan is quite frankly one of them.

Sat in an airport hotel with nothing better to do, I channel flicked around and landed on Room 101 - a programme which I used to watch reasonably regularly before they turned it into some kind of half-arsed pseudo panel show.

But I digress. Logan was extolling the wonder that is the 2012 Games and saying that anyone would didn't get really enthused and right behind the whole London Olympics thing was some kind of brainless whingeing shithead who should be consigned to burn forever in the fires of hell. Well fuck you, Gabby - not that I would with someone else's...

Apparently, the Olympics are not just about making money - which is probably just as well as it's extremely unlikely to do so anyway. We need to think about 'the legacy'.

New Labour's sporty bullshitters set characteristically unrealistic targets for this. For example, "1 million more people playing sport three or more times a week." Yeah, right. And providing new sports venues "to help tackle serious lifestyle related issues such as diabetes and childhood obesity". What a load of pretentious poppycock!

Seven years after we were handed this crock of shite, fewer people than ever are playing sports. One could argue that if we had sent the original budget - never mind the latest forecast - on protecting school playing fields then there might have been more likelihood of this happening.

And as for child obesity and diabetes, perhaps the Olympic sized arsehole that is Lord Coe would like to explain why the sponsors that will be splashed across our screens during this bun fest are none other than McDonalds and Coca Cola?

Still, there is some light at the end of the tunnel. If Fred Goodwin can be stripped of an honour for incompetence and wasting public money then perhaps we can look forward to the same thing happening to Coe?


  1. I'm dreading the Olympics. Who asked for it to be here?

  2. I must say that I am over the moon that Northern Ireland has seen bugger all money, public or lottery, for sports development in order to finance these crock of shit in London

  3. Ignoble Caledonian.23 February 2012 at 13:00

    It's much to do about personal vanity and self aggrandisement,-Coe and other limelight cases see the whole fiasco as a means of social and professional advancement, and clearly care little for the ordinary common man (and woman.)


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