Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Another cryptic one...

The one I bet nobody guessed last time out was Puka Rua on the outer fringes of French Polynesia.

Today, here's another cryptic clue. Get out your world atlas and go another 4 days sail west of Puka Rua and see if you can work this one out...


  1. It helped, in retrospect, that you called the last image "Puka Rua.jpg" but that's by the by.

    Next stop Tuamotu. Not fair now, I've worked out which ship you're on and so I've found the route :-)

  2. You looked up the route!?! You sad bastard - you clearly don't have enough to do!!!!

    Anyway, it's an expedition cruise and they changed the route - so there...

  3. Ah, those long long days in the office...I had to fill my time somehow.

    It's only because I was jealous :-)


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