Friday, 8 October 2010

The Ratshitter Rap

As I seem to be on a roll this week taking the piss out of the catholic church - and let's face it, it ain't difficult - here's something for the weekend...

Pope Benedict XVI does 'The Ratshitter Rap'

+ + + + + STOP PRESS + + + + +

My good friend, Old Nick tells me that I have just been nominated for burning at the stake for this little piece of 'heresy'...


  1. Good stuff mate, I think you missed your calling!

  2. You're really Ian Paisley & I claim my £5.00 .. ;)

  3. As you have been put on old Nicks list, I thought you might like first refusal on this
    up to you, no pressure!!!

    wv=toptions, so it must be right eh!

  4. Thanks - good to know I'll have some company in the oven!

  5. Youre welcome mate, I look forward to it, I'll bring the marshmallows and wine you bring the sausages and potatoes ok!


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