Saturday, 25 October 2014

Piss boiler of the month...

FFS! All I can say is that the odds on UKIP getting their second elected MP next month shorted dramatically with this announcement from Brussels!

It seems that our economy is doing rather well. In fact, it's doing a lot better than all the others in the Fourth Reich, and that's simply not going to be allowed. We already prop up this shower of shite with our taxes, but now they want an extra 20% and to add insult to injury, they're giving it to the French and Germans. You just couldn't make this up, could you?

Hark! I hear a loud rustling noise? What could it be? The witch is dead so it cannot be! But yes - it's Margaret Thatcher turning in her grave!!!

John Redwood came out with this bit of naive drivel : "The British people is already paying too much tax and the last thing they are going to do is send £1.7billion to the Commission so they can behave in this way. I assume the European Union will withdraw it as we have all the cards. We raise the tax revenue in this country, we're responsible for spending it, the British people will not want to send another £1.7bn to the EU by a very big majority, so the British government just says it won't pay."

If only, John. Hold all the cards? Get real. What bloody game is it you're playing? Not the same as the rest of us, that's for sure!

David Cameron was once described as a 'child of Thatcher' but if he lets them get away with this smash and grab raid, then he's just proving once and for all that he's an emasculated cardboard cutout that's just not up to the job.

Dave, have you ever heard of the word 'No'? Well, now is the time to bloody well use it! Repeatedly...

Grow a pair and tell them to sod off! Permanently...

( Read the full sad sorry tale here )

Thursday, 23 October 2014

Even more Balls...

It gives me great delight to be able to tell you that Labour is really getting itself deeper in the shite every day - especially when it comes to the economy and taxation. You can always rely on Ed Balls.

This time, it's his ridiculous idea - or rather like of any idea how to go about it - that is the problem. Mansion tax. Nicked it from the Limp Dumps. Sounded like a vote winner at the time. You know, squeeze the rich until the pips squeak. That sort of thing. Impress the working class, get lots of votes, raise lots of tax to piss up the wall, screw the wicked Tories, blah blah blah....

It was all sounding quite good until the members of his own party got wind of it and realised that houses in London cost quite a lot of dosh and lots of the people that live in those houses are LAbour votes. Exit support for the idea, stage right.

So Balls decided he'd he better open his mouth and defuse the situation - except of course every time that Balls opens his mouth, he puts his foot further into it. So if you're not in the higher rate tax bracket, the idea he's come up with is that you won't have to pay it. Well, not yet anyway. You will pay it when you move or die instead. Magic. Job done. Or is it?

The change of plan comes amid a growing revolt among Labour MPs about the impact of the tax on people who have low incomes but find themselves living in properties which have soared in value, particularly in London. Balls sought to reassure his critics, insisting he will 'protect the small minority of people who are asset-rich but cash-poor'.

What he seems to have completely missed the point over is that you are pretty unlikely to own a £2,000,000 house if your salary is under £50,000 a year even if you do live in London. The people that Labour are really concerned about are their financial backers and their own MPs - so he's completely missed the point.

And to miss it even further, Balls has boasting that the Royal Family will not be exempt and will have to pay tax on their vast estates. I'd like to see that one get the Royal assent - not to mention that the people who collect the tax are called 'Her Majesty's revenue and Customs'. The clue is in the name. So the Crown is under no obligation to collect taxes from itself on behalf of titself. You'd think that as a prospective Chancellor - God forbid - he just might have grasped that one?

And it's all a mute point anyway because there is no way on God's little green Earth that there will be enough valuers around to constantly keep revaluing all those nice big houses. It's another vote grabbing panic measure that will never work and they know it. Question now is how to make it quietly go away?

It's a soundbite. It's bollocks. It's all gone Balls!

Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Get stuffed, Barossa!

Even though we've got ourselves a new arsehole in charge of the Fourth Reich, the outgoing one couldn't resist the opportunity to tell the UK to get stuffed when presented with the platform by another arsehole, our very own Andrew Marr.

Marr is the one you might remember who said all bloggers were sad little adolescent prats sitting in a dark basement masturbating where their mothers couldn't see them. Mind you, in light of some of the idiots who have been trying to disrupt this blog recently, he might be right about some of us...

But I digress. Mr Barossa told his audience that if we thought Britain could do anything to curb immigration from the EU then we were sorely deluded. Cameron is considering an ‘emergency brake’ that could be applied if numbers of incomers exceeded forecasts, and further curbs on low-skilled EU migrants’ rights to benefits, tax credits and national insurance numbers.

Though there is growing support for reform in Germany, the Prime Minister is being warned by the EU that fundamental changes to the right to free movement across the continent would require full-scale changes to the EU treaties that will be all but impossible to deliver.

Barroso insisted an arbitrary cap on EU immigration would be incompatible with EU law and condemned Foreign Secretary Philip Hammond’s suggestion last week that Britain was ‘lighting a fire’ under the EU by proposing a referendum.

'What would be the influence of the prime minister of Britain if he was not part of the EU? It would be zero. Inside the EU you can get much more than outside the EU' he said. ‘I think this reference to fires and weapons is more appropriate for defence than foreign secretary,’ a reference to Mr Hammond’s previous Cabinet job. 'I think it is very important to have a positive tone between Britain and the EU.’

Well I've got a very simple message for Mr Barossa. That message is this : We don't need you and we don't want you. To suggest that this country would be nothing without the EU is frankly insulting and patronising. Who the hell does this bloke think he is? Well, I can answer that too :  he's an unelected and irrelevant little Brussels bureaucrat of the sort that makes it more likely we will quit Europe rather than less.

Keep talking, matey. If there's one thing the people of this country really likes it's being talked down to by foreigners trying to put us in our place...

Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Lynda Bellingham

I was sad to hear the news that Lynda Bellingham had lost her fight with colon cancer. Apart from anything else, it's a bastard way to die and I wouldn't wish it on my worst enemy. Really.

I can't say that I was a lifelong fan or that I could name a half dozen things she appeared in, but Mrs D and I watched her appearance on This Morning a couple of weeks back. She knew she was buggered and yet she was still chirpy and cheerful and gave a sterling performance. Now we could be cynical (Who, me? Shurely not!) and say "Well, what do you expect from a professional actress putting on a performance?" and there may be an element of truth in that. But could you put on such a performance faced with that sort of imminent demise? I know I couldn't. The fact that she was on there at all speaks volumes for the woman's character and bravery.

She wanted one last Christmas with her family before she died. She didn't get it and that's a shame. I think she deserved it.

Her situation put me in mind of Wilko Johnson, another terminal cancer sufferer. Wilko said he found the diagnosis 'liberating'. Not sure I would. But then we all have to die sometime and maybe knowing when is strangely liberating. I hope I never have to find out.

Well done, Lynda. RIP.